How I made over $100 THIS weekend, and how you can too.

You guys know spring is coming right? That means spring cleaning should be a priority sooner than later. Why not turn those dusty Knick knacks and old video games into cold hard cash, or something to the equivalent? These are just a few tips to help you rid yourself of some unwanted clutter and make some extra money on the side.


Tip #1 Amazon Seller Central

Over the weekend I used Amazon for all that it was worth! Which is exactly $70 for a couple PlayStation 4 games I had sitting around the house? Now usually I would return them to GameStop for a petty ass buyout for some pretty impressive games, but Amazon is way better. First you have to sign up for a seller account. Now Amazon has something called an Individual Seller Account, which lets you sell certain items, and amazon takes a small portion of each sale. They also have a Professional Account, which if you have a garage full of semi name brand items or plan on making this a full time gig, then amazon charges you $40 a month with no other fees. Now Amazon gives you the option to ship through them, or through a carrier of your choosing. I chose to ship through the United States Postal Service because I work for them. (BTW always support your place of business; supporting them is also theoretically supporting yourself.) When I shipped my games out, each game came up to at least $3.99 worth of shipping! Now customers can pay for shipping, but keep in mind Amazon has additional fees which may eat up some of that money; so be prepared to come out of pocket. Disclaimer: If and when you do make your sales and ship your products out, Amazon places a 14 day hold on wiring of funds for new sellers. With all of this being said if I had to rate my experience from 1-10, I would gladly rate an 8. All five of my games sold within 1 hour! Being that I priced very low, if instead I priced them to match other sellers, I could have easily made $100 off of Amazon alone. Think about it…..


Tip #2 Facebook Market Place

I love this feature that Facebook offers. So if you go into your Facebook mobile app you should notice a small window icon along with your feed and notification icons. This is Facebook Marketplace and it allows you to sell almost anything and can be seen by anyone with a Facebook account locally. I had a bunch of glass items, bowls, paintings, and other miscellaneous things lying around the house and already I have made $50 and it’s only been two days. I consider it the twin sister of craigslist so I would still be VERY cautious of giving out personal information, but it works way better. It helps to have some bomb ass pictures of what you’re selling, and a good description of the product. Another tip is to sell things in bulk. I tried to sell a couple tools separately and it was too hectic, because so many people would contact me for 1 item at a time, so I bunched it all together and sold for a BEAUTIFUL price and had it all gone within an hour.



Tip #3 Local Flea Markets

Now I’m not sure how Flea Markets are in other areas, but mines in Richmond, VA only cost me $10 for a table. This is minor compared to how much money you could make off of JUNK. People will buy anything especially if they can get it for an amazing price. So don’t be afraid to aim low when it comes to pricing. From what I’ve seen people tend to sell décor items, tools, beauty supplies, and even fresh vegetables at the local markets. So if you and your friends get together and take all your spring cleaning junk on a good Friday or Saturday morning, you could take home a nice profit, and come back to a clean apartment.



I love the numbers game. So think about it; do you have 20 miscellaneous items lying around the house? Can you sell these close to $5 a piece or maybe more? If you answered yes, you have $100 just sitting around collecting dust. Get out, get active, and get paid!!!

Poor thing…

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