3 Job Search Sites that are guaranteed to work!

Have you spent endless amounts of time searching for jobs on the internet with no result? Well you might not be looking in the right places.  Most websites are terrible and only show jobs that aren’t close to you or are way too overqualified for you to even look at the posting for too long without feeling uncomfortable. So I’m going to list three sites that worked for me when I job hunted like crazy.


Indeed is really the #1 champ of the local job search industry. I have scored a good 3 jobs on this website, and I’m sure many others have as well. Indeed provides you with all the tools to find jobs specific to your needs. Don’t drive and need a job close by? Indeed got you! Tired of only seeing part time and seasonal gigs? Indeed GOT YOU! I have to admit some websites try to filter the jobs out with terrible results, but Indeed only shows you what your looking for.  Job Hunters on the go also can make use of Indeed’s “Apply by Phone” option that only consumes about 2 minutes of your time. This subdues the gut wrenching application process and gives you a very small, but outstanding chance to sell yourself to the employer.

2. Glassdoor.com

BRUH!!! I love Glassdoor so much, but not for it’s ability to find jobs alone. Are you unsure about a job offer and need more information? Glassdoor is for you! The site provides you with reviews from previous and/or current employees. That way you don’t have to guess if the Manager on night shift is a bitch or not. They also provide average salary information specific to the job that you’re applying for so that you know exactly how much to expect before you even get to the interview. Have you ever attended an interview confident that you were going to answer every question with skill and grace and just choked. Glassdoor uses reviews from the poor or lucky few that came before you. They provide insight on the questions that the employer will ask you and what they might expect out of your responses. I still use this site to keep up with my own job and to better prepare myself for interviews when I want a promotion. This website is one of the best tools you can use on your job search.

3. Local Online Newspaper

Your local newspaper has plenty of jobs posted daily which sometimes gets overlooked. Almost no one I know refers to the paper for job searching, but it’s there in plain black and white. How could you miss it? They aren’t always the jobs you’re looking for, but every now and again you will find a diamond in the rough (aka employers looking for immediate hires). I found that employers posting in the local newspaper are more likely to hire as soon as possible. Some state and federal jobs with little work experience or education are posted up as well. So always keep and eye out.

These worked for me and I’m 100% sure that they will work for you as well. Don’t forget to put in as many applications as possible. “Flooding the system” is what I like to call putting 100 applications in just to score one job. Plus, if all else fails, Temp Agencies are guaranteed income, and will definitely hold you down until you score a full time gig. If you have any questions, concerns, or tips please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Good Luck!



3 thoughts on “3 Job Search Sites that are guaranteed to work!

    1. I’m glad that you brought up LinkedIn, because after I saw the comment I was insanely excited to try it out. I never knew they had job searching features, but when I looked into it I was quite disappointed. Most if not majority of the jobs, most individuals without a degree, certification, or a couple years of work experience could not obtain. Tell me if I’m incorrect, but I looked into the entry level section and me making 40,000 a year, I couldn’t qualify for most of those jobs posted. I’m trying to help those who are drop outs or never went to college, little work experience, or those looking for part time gigs fast. Its sad to report LinkedIn is not a good source of any of that. LinkedIn is a great tool to use regardless though.

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      1. I referred more to the Linkedin Jobs app run by Linkedin. As much as I like Linkedin itself – I think most of the jobs posted on their Jobs App are not recent, and either closed or hang there for 1 year which means that company either do not need anyone for the position or closed it with internal candidate already. Indeed.com might be a better source for job posting. However, we are not sure about part time engagement. Depending on your specialty it may even worth trying one of the freelancer job sites.


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