3 Factors to cure yourself of being Broke

Who Likes being poor?

Not me

But if you do… then you probably need to get your head checked out (seriously). Being broke has been a lifestyle of mines for twenty two years of my existence and I still haven’t made my million dollars yet.. Can you believe it??? Shits hard…

Everyday I wake up thinking “how can I make a come up?”; How can I get closer to that goal of making a $1,000,000? I can guarantee you its not by smoking a bunch of weed and playing PS4 all day. I can only assume that it is by being productive and by constantly having a goal in mind…. Then getting high and play video games :).

I currently live in Richmond, VA in a small two bedroom apartment. I have a lovely boyfriend who I adore, and two small dogs as well. I’m also flat broke which makes it harder to enjoy these things. I also work full time as a Mechanic and its bringing me in about $42,000 a year. So I do alright for a 22 year old drop out. Although I’m doing well for myself, I still run into financial disasters that constantly hold me back from my greater potential. Learning from my mistakes and getting better informed has led me to create a blog to help other people do the same.

I’m not sure if you can tell by reading this, but I’m not an author. I don’t have a degree in Literature, and I’m pretty sure the last English exam I had probably was a C on it. Just being honest. But I want to help other people my age get a grip on being financially successful without getting caught up in the very things that will bring you down. I’m going to list Three important key points that has helped me get to the next level with my earnings and becoming more financially stable.

  • Key Point #1: Growing up and being an Adult

    • By me saying “Adult” I don’t want people to assume I’m saying they are immature, but instead “dumb” to the fact that as adults we have BILLS! When I got my first apartment I spent a good 5 out of the 12 months with no power. Why? Because I didn’t pay my electric bill. The reason why it didn’t get paid wasn’t because I didn’t have enough money, it was because the club was more important, getting new shoes was more important, having the best cellphone out, and dating a lot was ALL for some reason more important than having the lights on. It made so much sense two years ago, but now I would DIE if I had to go one night with the power off now!
    • As and adult you must take responsibility and pay all your bills. “If you can’t afford it you shouldn’t have it”, my mom used to say and it is true. You being comfortable with a place to stay and food on your table always takes priority. 012793efe5d4c5905ac6ee03f1a4f3937bfdb31c58d62779b7f335887fa398d3
    • No one is coming to save you. This is the real world and money doesn’t just fall from the sky. If your wondering why you don’t have money you should probably think about getting a job.


  • Key Point #2: Keeping Goals in mind

    • Having goals is so DOPE! This has been the only thing keeping me going these past couple years. I lost my job in 2015 and had to take a pay cut as a janitor for a while. I couldn’t settle though, it was never a need for me to get comfortable because I knew I needed better. So when I found out that I could take an exam to become a mechanic at my job I jumped at the opportunity and started studying. I passed the exam with a 76% and STILL got the job. God is good. Its 2017 and I’m making twice as much as I was and that is because I always kept a goal in mind and put forth the work to achieve those goals.
    • Develop some short term goals. Aim for things that you know you can succeed in for example when I was out of a job my goal was submitting 10 applications a day. I called it “Flooding the System”. Sooner or later I got one of the 100 jobs I applied to. Goal Completed! Or for example if you have a job and want to move up in the company, don’t be afraid to show interest and ask around to see how you can qualify for a better position. Work your ass off and sooner than later that job will be yours.
    • Start progressively creating and achieving more goals, and you will see that the sky is the limit.


  • Key Point #3: Always explore Self Employment Opportunities

    • Be a Hustler… but in the legal way. There are so many tools now that will help young people explore their talents and profit at the same time. Platforms like:
      • YouTube ($$$)
      • Etsy ($$$)
      • Ebay ($$$)
      • Amazon ($$$)
      • Blogs Sites ($$$)
      • Etc.
    • These platforms give you the tools and literally every market in the world at your fingertips. Do you think you could make a $1 a day? How about $5? Sooner or later after working hard on a project you could potentially start making $100 a day or better.

Just know that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. Do you have a goal in mind??? Let me help you achieve it. Comment below and let me know what other topics you would like to hear about.






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